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We are using a soft water whiches good for skin.

It is superior humidity retention power for skin.

Because the soap remainder disappears It becomes soft and smooth.

I get the fatigue of the trip, too.

I may fee the temperature of the bath to be slightly hot, but setlow temperature form the another store.



Ladies in a public bath in the Edo Era(hadakurabe hana no shoubuyu, Kunichika, National Diet Library)

“SENTO” is a Japanese public paid bath.

In Edo period, almost building were made of wood and there were many fires.

Even ruling class “Bushi” are permitted to install a bath only in Samurai residences called “Bukeyashiki”.

After that, because it was diffecult, from the management perspectire, to establish separate baths for men and women, people would baths together irrespectire of sex.

Inparticular, the zashiki(Japanese style tatami room) was established on the second floor of the Otokoyu(men’s bath) and they were used as part of a social occasions, for example play “Igo” and “Shogi” (Japanese board games).

Also, never to mash in buth tub of “Sento”.


(12years old or older)
6years old or older 180yen
under 6years old 80yen
Sauna is extra(It is with a bath towel) 200yen


Face towel 30yen
sale 230yen
Bath towel 60yen


Shampoo 30yen
Treatment 30yen
Soap 30yen


Bathing Etiquette